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Email inbox

Emailing with dobror:

  • ✅ Split Inbox with automatic classification.
  • ✅ Manage all your email accounts in one place.
         No more tabs and accounts switch
  • ✅ Side-by-side email reply.
  • ✅ Keep your multiple calendar in sync.
  • ✅ Clean design and blocking excessive colors
  • ✅ Contextual search.
         You just need to search for "Regina's email about our valencia trip"

Email without

  • ❌ Getting distractions over Marketing emails.
  • ❌ Multiple Tabs for each email account (professional, personal, etc.)
  • ❌ Marketing stealing your attention. Use dobror to clean the clutter and focus on what you need to
  • ❌ Your email search is hard.
         Stop searching with keywords and scrolling over multiple pages.
Email inbox

Avoid distractions

  • Clean design
  • Machine Learning Split Inbox.
    Separate between Newsletter, finances (receipts) and your travel information
  • Filter out Marketing distractions

Syde-by-side Email reply

Be able to read the email you are replying, while replying it.

Email inbox

Manage Calendar

Manage your calendar, and schedule your meetings. is an email client that allows you to add multiple email accounts.

It is designed to help you focus on what matters, and avoid distractions.
You are able to connect your email accounts using IMAP and SMTP, your Google/Gmail account and/or your Outlook. is a bootstrapped project.
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